Recent promotions at the University of South Florida Police Department (USFPD)

Sergeant Derrick Dial

Sgt. Derrick Dial began his career in law enforcement with the Key West Police Department in 1987. In October of 1995, he joined the University of South Florida Police Department. During the past fifteen years he has been active as an instructor in specialized training or specialty assignments such as: Field Training Officer, Logistics Officer, CPR instructor, Background Investigation, Firearms Instructor, Active Shooter Instructor, Rifle Instructor, Rifle Armorer, OC Spray Instructor, ASP/Baton Instructor, and IED/Suicide Bomber Instructor. He has also assisted the agency in developing the Background Investigation Lesson Plan. He was one of the founding members of the USF Police Department Tactical Response Team. In 2007 Derrick was promoted to Corporal where he served as a supervisor for a patrol squad. Sgt. Dial has taken numerous classes on Terrorism and has attended several High Liability Instructor Conferences during his career with USF Police Dept. He was promoted to sergeant and moved to his new patrol squad on March 4, 2011

Sergeant Nick Marckese

Sgt. Marckese graduated from USF in 1998 with a BS in Elementary education and taught for Pinellas County schools for 4 years. In 2004 he was hired by the USF Police Department. Sgt. Marckese was awarded the Officer of the Year award in 2007 and promoted to the rank of Corporal in 2008. While at this agency he has taken an active role in its training division as one of our High Liability instructors and Field Training Officers. Nick is an original member of the Tactical Response Team and has been a member for the past three years.


Sergeant Christine Bennett

Sgt. Christine Bennett started with the University of South Florida Police Department in 1999. She was assigned to a special division from 2001 to 2003, as a Residential Officer where she conducted Crime Prevention Programs and followed up with ongoing investigations in the residential halls. In 2002, she was assigned as the Multi Agency Gang Task Force Agency Coordinator for USF Police Department. From 2005 to 2007, Christine was assigned to the Criminal Investigation Division as a Detective. During her time as a detective, she received the Outstanding Staff Award along with the Gabor Award for her work on a Homicide Investigation. Sgt. Bennett has an AS degree from HCC and recently attended Line Supervision courses, as well as Internal Affairs Courses. She has most recently been assigned to the Midnight Shift as a Patrol Corporal. Sgt. Bennett's promotion will take effect on June 10, 2011, when she will become the Days A Sergeant.

Corporal Chad Hill

Chad Hill began his career in 2002, as a Detention Deputy at the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office. While employed by the Sheriff's Office, he put himself through the "crossover" training academy to become a certified law enforcement officer. Chad was hired by the USF Police Department as a patrol officer in 2007. He was certified as a RAD Instructor in 2007, and IPMBA certified Bicycle Officer in 2009. He is a Field Training Officer and a member of the USF Police Department Tactical Response Team. In 2009, Ofc. Hill and another officer shared the USF Police Department's Community Interaction Officer of the Year Award for their efforts in the Bicycle Anti-Theft Program. Chad has been the USF Bike Club Adopt-A-Cop and has been very active with this group

Corporal Ed Lutz

Cpl Ed Lutz is a 24 year law enforcement veteran. Prior to beginning his career with the USF Police Department, he served 20 years with the New York City Police Department, working patrol assignments in Lower Manhattan, Harlem and the South Bronx. In 1992, Lutz was promoted to Detective with the NYPD and in 1994 he was accepted into the Emergency Service Unit, the NYPD's Citywide SWAT/Rescue team. He continued in that assignment until his retirement in 2005. After relocating to Florida with his family, Corporal Lutz joined our Department in 2006 and is currently serving as a Patrol Supervisor on the midnight shift.