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For more information about any program talked about below please call 974-2628, and ask to be transferred to the Crime Prevention Division.

Self-defense For Women - R.A.D.

Self-defense for women is a program of realistic, self-defense tactics and techniques. It is a comprehensive program for women only. The 15-hour class begins with awareness, prevention, risk reduction and avoidance, and then progresses on to basic techniques of hands-on defensive training. The class is taught by R.A.D. Certified USF Police Officers and is not a Martial Arts program. Each student will be provided with the knowledge to help her make an educated decision about resistance to a spontaneous violent attack.

STUDENTS: A $10.00 deposit is required. Upon completion of class the $10.00 will be refunded.

FACULTY, STAFF, or FAMILY MEMBERS: A $25.00 fee per person. Upon completion of class $10.00 will be refunded.

NON USF AFFILIATED: A $50.00 fee per person.


1. Desire to develop a personal safety plan.
2. Comfortable clothes that do not restrict body movement: jeans, shorts or sweats.
3. Sneakers (no street shoes)
4. No Jewelry

Fall 2005 R.A.D Students Picture

Please call Judy Fowler at (813) 974-2156 to reserve a seat. A registration form can be mailed or picked up at the USF Police Department.

Orientation for new and transfer students

The University Police presents it's services and goals to the new student population. This ranges from engraving personal property, inspecting residences for safety and security matters to interacting with the community in a wide array of community policing functions.

Overview of the Police Department

The University of South Florida Police Department is fully authorized and accredited State law Enforcement Agency created by the Florida Legislature. Our officers investigate all felony and misdemeanor crimes. The agency is divided into six sections they are. These sections are: Patrol, Detectives, Communications, Crime Prevention, Records and Administration. Operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year our officers are deployed in marked police cars, scooters, bicycles and on foot to provide a quick response to your needs as well as a high degree of visibility.

Date/Acquaintance Rape for Men and Women

We offer a variety of programs on this topic to both men and women because We are all involved either as part of the solution or part of the problem. Studies have shown that the freshmen student, away from home for the first time may make some choices that are chosen because of a need to fit in to a new environment and social structure. We separate the programs into three presentations --- Date Rape for Women Only ----- Date Rape for Men Only ----- How to identify a Rapist before he targets you (Women only). One of the most important crime prevention measures you can use is --- To Be INFORMED.

Personal Safety

The University of South Florida and the Police Department are committed to your personal safety wherever you are. At school, walking to and from classes, commuting and out and about. We offer strategies such as -developing a plan on how to react to a situation before you're involved. The use of services provided by the University such as Safe team- Blue Light Phones and the Police department

Drinking and Driving

The University Police has a zero tolerance for the impaired driver. We provide educational programming on the risks and effects of this illegal activity. Every facet of the community is effected when we have any traffic fatality but more so when alcohol is involved because it was preventable. ARRIVE ALIVE

------DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE---------------

Burglary and Theft Prevention

Burglary and theft are the number one property crimes in the United States, USF is no exception. By taking some simple steps you can reduce your chances of being victimized. Never leave valuables in plain sight and unattended, secure them in a drawer, locker or your trunk. Remove the keys, don't hide the keys anywhere- they will be found. Have a record of brands and serial numbers. Harden that target. Programs on theft prevention are available from the Police.

Property Engraving

Most types of property have no specific serial number that can be traced directly to you. The University Police will assist you in engraving your Driver's License number on your property so if it is reported stolen and recovered it can be returned to you without delay.

Cash Handling and Robbery Procedures (USF STAFF/ TENANTS ONLY)

Programs for all cash handling section at the University are available by requesting a survey from the Crime Prevention Section of the Police Department. A certified Crime Prevention Practitioner will assess your needs and conduct the training in cash handling and transfer. Also available is a program that instructs on how to react to a Robbery.

Bicycle Safety

Did you know the Bicycle is considered a vehicle by the Florida State Statutes? Yes it is. The motor vehicle codes have specific rules relating to the equipment, operation and use of a bicycle. Operators can and are cited for violations. In a busy semester during the day 60-75000 vehicles crisscross our roadways. Now add to that a few thousand bicycles. Caution Caution Caution. Don't be a statistic, be proactive-wear a helmet, drive defensively, use a light at night and don't use headphones when operating a bicycle - it's against the law. For more information contact us.

Violence in the Workplace

Unfortunately violence does occur. It knows no boundaries when common sense leaves, and sometimes the wrong choices are made. Report any behavior to your supervisor. Make sure that they address the issues. They can request a program from the police department. One that will outline the warning signs, how to identify them and what to do when you've identified them. Speaking up is the key --- silence is dangerous, to you and everyone else.

Office Safety (USF Staff and Tenants Only)

Does your office work for or against your safety? Let's say that someone came to see you and became agitated. Could you get away or signal for help? Our Office Safety Assessment Program will assist you in identifying those areas that you need help in and firming up your office safety plans. Good planning can prevent poor performance.

Relationship Violence

It takes more than one person to have a relationship, both parties are there of his or her own free will? If that is not the case you may be a victim of relationship violence. Threats and intimidation are critical factors. If you're not sure and have questions, call the Crime Prevention Section of the University Police or the USF Victims Advocate. Both Agencies are available 24 hours a day.


Is someone following you, sending you notes, showing up at your workplace or school for no apparent reason. You may be the victim of a stalker. Have you asked this person to stop bothering you and they don't seem to get it. It may be time to ask for professional help. You can contact the police or the victims advocate for more specific information.

Responding to Police Officers

You're driving on the interstate and you look in your rearview mirror and you see a patrol car following you? What have you done --- nothing. You start getting mad and frustrated why? Because they are following you. Now the emergency lights come on what do you do? Stop!!!!!!!!. Consider all the options. We all have jobs to do and we do them in different ways, no two doctors operate alike, or truck divers drive alike, it doesn't mean that one is wrong and the other right it's just that they work differently. Find out how to respond to Police Officers in all types of scenarios. With your safety and the safety of the officer in mind. Contact the Crime Prevention section of the University Police.

Alcohol Awareness and Responsibilities

You're 18 away from home and on your own for the first time ----- have a beer or twelve? In the state of Florida you must be 21 years of age to possess alcohol. According to the law you're an adult, you can make your own decisions, join the military, fight in a war. Get married, have a credit card, quit school. But you can't legally drink. It's not fair. None of that matters. It's against the law as it is now written. If you get charged and convicted with an alcohol offense it will follow you for the rest of your life. You want to walk away from college with a degree and be called a graduate, not with a criminal record and be called a defendant. For the rest of the straight story contact the University Police.


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